Cyprus Shipping Rally


Navigate the fun in Limassol, where every twist and turn leads to games that ignite the rally spirit!

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Exciting KM

Welcome to the 30th Cyprus Shipping Rally!

After many years of absence, the Cyprus Shipping Rally is back. To kick off the event, expect the beloved format of off-road exploration and games until the finish line.


Saturday 20th April, 2024


Cyprus, Limassol


by Maritime Cyprus Events

Outdoor adventure for friends, teams, and families.

Embark on an outdoor adventure for friends, teams, and families alike. A blend of discovery and excitement for an experience designed to create lasting memories for everyone involved. Whether you're seeking thrills with friends, team-building activities, or quality time with your family, our outdoor adventure awaits!



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Show off your navigation skills with the rally's roadbook. Detailed instructions will route you to the next game station.


Finding the game station is half of the challenge. Score points in various games along the route and win the rally!

Team Building

Strengthen bonds and make new friends as you collaborate with participants in this team-building event.


Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and reconnect with nature as you explore scenic routes and breathtaking landscapes during the rally.


Stay energized and ready for the next leg of your journey with a complimentary snack provided along the route. Take a moment to refuel and refresh for the adventures ahead.


The final celebration at the end of the rally! Winners will be honored, and participants will gather for a lavish buffet and drinks to toast to their achievements.

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What you Need To Know

The rally promises a day full of excitement and enjoyment. It's important to note that this event is not a timed trial, so feel free to take your time. Always adhere to speed limits and prioritize road safety, especially when transitioning from tarmac to off-road paths. If our collection of frequently asked questions doesn't address your query, feel free to reach out to us via email!​

Reserve your spot easily through our website for the upcoming event. We have a maximum limit of 30 cars, with one to four persons allowed per car. Ensure your spot by booking now!

Please note that once your ticket is booked, it is non-refundable. However, in the event of a cancellation, such as due to adverse weather conditions, a full refund will be issued. Tickets are non-personalized, allowing you to transfer them to someone else until the car is registered.

You have the flexibility to add people to your car at any time, with a maximum limit of four individuals (children or adults) per car. It’s important to note that additional passengers cannot be added at the start of the event, so plan accordingly.

To join the rally, you must have an off-road capable car, or you can opt to rent one for the day (not with us). The rally primarily uses gravel tracks, with an optional special section designed for 4×4 vehicles equipped with low gear and difflock. While this addition doesn’t contribute extra points, it promises a lot of added excitement and enjoyment to the experience.

After receiving your payment, you will promptly receive your ticket, allowing you to register your car for the event or make any necessary modifications until the 10th of April 2024. The starting point and evening event details will be provided as well. Upon commencement of the rally, you will be handed your navigation book, guiding you to special game stations along your route. We look forward to seeing you there!

While we prioritize safety measures and provide guidelines for a secure experience, it’s important to note that participation in the rally is at your own risk. We are not liable for any damages, injuries, or loss of life that may occur during the event. It’s crucial for all participants to prioritize their safety and adhere to the guidelines provided for a secure and enjoyable experience.

Rally schedule

Get ready for the starting line!


Arrive at our Limassol starting point 30 minutes before your designated time. We’ll reveal the exact spot closer to the date. Cars set off every 5 minutes, so don’t be late! Register your team, grab your road book, and get briefed on safety and rules. We will keep the early starting hours (9-10am) reserved for familiy teams allowing an earlier finish time.


Make sure you have a distance-measuring (km) tool handy for navigating the road book. Check the app store of your phone and get to know how to use it or you will get lost!

Once you and your team hit the road, your focus is staying on track. The road-book will guide you with distances (in km) for each turn, ensuring you stay on course. Without making any mistakes plan for an 4h drive!


Your first reward? Discovering the game stations, where you can start racking up points. Remember, speed isn’t the name of the game here! Points come from completing challenges and staying within the total allowed distance.


While there’s a time limit, it’s just to ensure the event wraps up smoothly. So, take your time and immerse yourself in the rally experience—no need to rush!

Get ready to party and celebrate your triumph!

We expect all cars to cross the finish line within 2.5 hours of the first arrival. Cheers to your achievements with an open bar offering beers, wine, and soft drinks. While the scores are tallied, indulge in an open buffet. Once the winners are crowned, hit the dance floor and boogie with your rally crew!

This event is open to non-rally drivers too (tickets sold separately).
Team up with family and friends who aren’t into rallying for a fun-filled evening!

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